When you experience a stellar performance (you know the one I’m talking about), you feel invincible; it is the absolute best high in the world. You feel like some kind of rockstar that just dominates all things in the best way possible. It feels powerful—and it’s all because you held the key to your audience’s emotional experience. You made them laugh, cry, question, hide, face the facts, dig deeper, whatever. The audience felt captivated by you; they were attracted to your confidence and your knowing. There was a calmness to your performance and they just lapped it up, wanting more. You were just rocking it out in the zone, all focused and effective in your storytelling pursuit. There was ease and flow.

Now, to get in the zone, we will need to have a way in—a purposeful way to get your mind and body focused that you can count on and implement.

We are about to embark on a journey that will link both your mind and body via a specific warmup designed exactly for that purpose. My goal is for you to feel the good vibes after every single audition and performance—that is, that feeling of being in your element, flowing, jamming, sailing, flying… whatever you want to call it. It means that you will find a balance between power and vulnerability, and you will come to understand how important both are in forming a layered, nuanced performance. We will uncover any potential blocks you may have in your performances and learn how to release them later, and we will also learn what kind of tension is needed (or how much is too much) for a solid performance.

Is there really such a thing as good tension? The answer to this is yes: the kind of tension needed to focus attention is paramount to being effective to an audience. Each character you embody will have different levels of tension and in different places in their body. However, there is a fine line between good tension and bad tension: bad tension gets in the way and can inhibit a good performance from happening. We will be covering how to get rid of tension that will not serve you later. Once you can do this consistently, you will be one step closer to experiencing that flying feeling after you know you nailed it more often. And that really is the goal, isn’t it? Next up on our journey is learning how to create laser-focused energy with a new practice that will take some discipline—but you can do it! You will learn how to harness your energy in a real, concrete way through shaping energy—a powerful process that will up-level any actor’s process!

These steps will ensure that you are utilizing your energy in a real and effective manner so that you can bring it time and again, whether that be under pressure, with time constraints, or with a whole crew looking right at you to get it right before the sun goes down.

To try these steps for yourself, start by sampling my signature Chakra Warm Up, the building blocks of this new process!

~Murisa Harba (Artistic Director of ABOUT THE WORK)