To understand not only your emotional landscape but how to diagnose other people’s emotional experiences is imperative to creating a more empathetic society. We need to focus on how emotions ebb and flow in the body because it makes us more aware of people’s circumstances. 

For instance, I might feel territorial about something and you don’t understand why I’m making such a big deal out of it, treating me poorly as a result. If we knew how to read between the lines with others’ needs, we could see that that person is feeling threatened right now and just needs to feel safe. 

If we take this example and blow it up to a global scale, think of all the violence that wouldn’t need to happen, the wars that would no longer exist, and the peace that we could experience. 

The way forward is the way in. We need to understand ourselves first in order to expand our awareness. Therefore, we must have a practice of getting to understand how our own emotions flow through our body. This is why I wrote Acting With Energy which contains a concrete practice so that we may elevate our emotional intelligence from within.

It is our job as artists to lead society. It starts with us. Let’s do this.

~Murisa Harba (Artistic Director of ABOUT THE WORK)