Hollywood’s top acting coaching and self tape prep studio! Everyone feels more confident with a clear plan of action for their auditions and self tapes so let us make that happen for you!

Come work out the kinks of your audition material and get it in tip top shape for self tape submission to casting directors so you can submit with confidence and book that role.

Our leading private acting coaches will get you over the finish line with your audition sides by helping you break down the material from all angles to ensure the biggest arc possible for the journey of your character and the audience!

Private audition coaching is available in studio or on zoom!


“Murisa and staff have been transformative in my acting process. She has created and honed her own technique(s) which has proven itself to be invaluable in my own work. Murisa’s method includes using the body in a way no other teacher is teaching. I just booked my first network television role on a procedural, and it was very emotionally challenging. She coached me and helped me create a repeatable, physical choreography with my breath-work that I knew I could not only use in my performance, but could fall back on in case my prep work, substitution, imagination, emotional recall, etc. became exhausted after so many takes. THANK YOU, MURISA and SAVANNAH! Highly recommend this studio!!”

—Amy S.