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Inner Work: Our “First Friday” Series

When others talk about “the work,” they solely mean the craft of acting. When we talk about “the work,” we mean that in a holistic sense; after all, art imitates life.

We, as artists, have such a huge responsibility to the collective. We pave the way forward. Through our own bravery in storytelling and expression, we give permission for our audiences to feel and express their own emotions. That is one tall task!

In order to commit to this task fully, we believe in nurturing the artist beyond the craft. After all, what we create comes from within; from our memories, from our experiences, and from our breath.

As artists, we have to be courageous and go to some unplumbed places in the name of storytelling. We must be free with our process, and in order to do that, we have to dig deep into who we are and get to know ourselves on another level.

We must create space for any of our past traumas to heal themselves and for any of our saboteurs to be called out. We must pay attention to any of the emotional obstacles that get in the way of our true expression. Emotions that are not dealt with become trapped in the body like a ticking time bomb and could go off at any time, even when it’s your close up and production is losing sun. We must become fully aware of our instruments so we can play them masterfully and with ease.

Also, getting to know ourselves on such a deep level allows our life and relationships to align with our purpose as an artist. This kind of thing is rarely taught in school, but it is so important to become aware of one’s self, as it unlocks the opportunity to go beyond with your creativity.

The caveat, however, is that it must be safe. It must be an “I’m willing to be curious” journey. No one can force you on this journey. Sometimes it can be tricky, and other times it will be incredibly eye-opening, allowing you to find a healthier, more impactful way into your creative expression.

Exploring potent topics such as uncovering your “why,” having a daily practice of visualizing goals with affirmations, examining self-love and self-sabotage; these are just a couple of the hard topics we dig into as a community at About The Work.

And we do this on the first Friday of every month over Zoom. We call it our “Inner Work: First Friday Series” and it’s included as a perk of being an actively enrolled student. It is what unites us as a family and honestly, one of the things I am most proud of within the studio. The fierceness with which our student body will rush to support each other is something I’ve never experienced anywhere else, and for that I am grateful.

~ Murisa