“7 Steps to Elevated Truth” Mentorship Program

Watch yourself THRIVE as you devour enriching and challenging acting classes designed to develop your craft, inspire your artistry, and bring your performance to the next level. Located in Hollywood / Los Angeles, we offer both IN STUDIO and ONLINE acting classes and currently serve LA, NYC, Chicago as well as Canada, Europe and Australia.

These high-level professional acting classes will empower you with the tools needed to succeed and book acting work consistently. Our groundbreaking holistic approach to the craft provides a whole new way into character work without having to pull on your past trauma to get there, which means repeatable and reliable results. Not only do we teach you how to expertly break down a script but also how to make the absolute strongest choice so you can stand out and hook in the audience (and the casting director for that matter)! So much more than a scene study or on-camera class, these acting classes teach strategy which builds confidence so you can grow into the artist you know deep down in your heart you could be. The sky is the limit!


All actors start in the Groundwork Engineer Level Acting Class, which is broken up into GE Part 1 & GE Part 2. This is where all students learn our signature techniques: THE MACRO METHOD and THE CHAKRA APPROACH®. This allows our actors to combine emotional intelligence with authenticity (the way THEY tell stories). But none of that matters unless it connects with what a director actually needs for their project, which is what we call THE STORYMARK. You will learn how to dive deep into the physical embodiment of each character based on how the human condition survives. This is then alchemized with what makes each actor unique which uncovers your BRAND OF REACTION, that authenticity that hooks casting directors in. We get right to the emotional core of the story so you can impress in the audition room leaving casting directors hungry for more.

Once you know how to get your audience to lean in, your work will scale new heights and we are well on our way to building the acting career of your dreams. It’s a beautiful thing really!


GE Part 1: Notes & Keys | GE Part 2: Blending & Harmonizing


No more feeling trapped in your head because we have created a framework that will provide you with a step by step process guaranteed to make you stand out and book the room. Our actors learn how to reverse engineer their auditions so they align their thinking with the person hiring them; the director. Our Macro Method will provide you with the confidence to prepare any role in a matter of minutes. No more guessing how to make a strong choice. Our formulas and processes will bring your talent to the next level.

  • Learn to break down a script efficiently – We teach you exactly what to do when you get a script with our formulas (especially if you only have 5, 15 or 30 minutes.)
  • Uncover how you can give the creative team exactly what they’re looking for.
  • Enjoy an actual step-by-step process for your auditions.
  • Empower you to think like the person hiring you (the director!) so you can BOOK.
  • Free your natural instincts so you can stand out with what makes you, YOU! Step onto ANY set with bold confidence to DELIVER!!!


Learn what makes you tick. Our unique curriculum demands that you go deeper and uncover your emotional truth; who you really are, so that your work is as authentic as possible. When people ask you to just be yourself, what does that even mean? Our process actually allows you to lean into what makes you special and different so you can use that to book more roles!

  • Deepen your emotional truth so you never have to fake an emotion ever again!
  • Release the emotional blocks holding you back from booking YOUR ROLES!
  • Focus on emotional intelligence to become a more intuitive actor and human being.
  • Reveal your intuitive energy to yield effective, compelling performances take after take.
  • Lean so far into your brand, you’re irresistible to casting, and no one else can compare!


“A great teacher can really inspire you and help shape your future. I was lucky enough to have that. But once you’re no longer in school, that kind of goes away. At least it had for me, until I discovered About the Work Actors Studio, where I’m currently studying. I first met Murisa through a Conservatory workshop at SAG-AFTRA and was immediately drawn to her energy and passion for the craft. She communicates with actors in a way that they truly understand constantly finds ways to push our boundaries, challenge us and bring out our best work. I’m blown away by the level of talent I get to work with. These artists continue to raise the bar and inspire me and to witness each person learn and grow every week is truly a gift. It’s so refreshing to be back in a community of creative people and have a mentor that sees something in me and continues to motivate and inspire me.”

—Kariann D.


“Coaches who are emotionally present, creative and constructive in their collaboration with actors are the ones I seek to work with and learn from. I’ve studied at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts and worked with Linklater, Meisner and Strasberg acting teachers over the past 10 years. When I met Murisa 5 years ago, I was in complete humble gratitude of her intuitive, constructive and compassionate energy. Murisa Harba is a true “Empath.” She constantly challenges everyone from the level they’re working at and EVERYONE is respected and treated with kindness. About the Work is one of the most sacred spaces I’ve acted in. Some of the most powerful acting experiences I’ve ever had have come out of this class. There is no competition at About the Work, only love and craft!”

—Savannah S.


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