Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. – Neale Donald Walsch

We believe the actor MUST feel safe to do their best work because their best work includes TAKING RISKS. At About The Work, you are rewarded for the risks that you take. After all, how else will you master your craft?

Upon joining About The Work, you will be welcomed in to our Groundwork Engineer Level Program where you will uncover the magic of our signature techniques: The Macro Method & The Chakra Approach®. You will be invited to get messy by taking risks you may have never taken before. But, hey, its all good because you are actually REWARDED for the risks that you take in your classwork. After all, in order to up-level ourselves, we must get cozy with the idea of pushing beyond our comfort zones.

All of our acting classes are part of the “7 Steps to Elevated Truth” Mentorship Program which brings you from Groundwork Engineer to a true Emotional Technician delivering Oscar Worthy moments. By providing the space to feel comfortable to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone, we help you create your best work on a consistent basis.


“All the classes, books, etc. seemed to be consolidated and broken down in such a way that I can’t believe I hadn’t been doing this for the last 20 years! It’s like all of a sudden I leveled up. “

—Ashlee B.


“We are LITERALLY changing people through art. We really are creating empathy and that’s some of the most meaningful work there is. I also appreciate all the formulas and structure we’re being provided with because I often felt very lost in the past about how to begin studying a scene so I really appreciate actually having checklists and steps I can take.”

—Thomas A.