The Importance of Risk Taking in your Art

Risk has been an integral part of my success. It’s something I purposely built into our program because I wholeheartedly believe in its power to up-level and realize an individual’s potential. My favorite quote is literally “Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone” by Neale Donald Walsch.

I founded About The Work Actors Studio because I wanted to create a SAFE SPACE for actors to hone their craft and push way far out of their comfort zones so they could truly see what they are made of. I am so incredibly passionate about the need to take risks, because that is when the good stuff emerges. You need to fail fast. And then get up again. That is how you build a career.

My buddy Simon Sinek helped me uncover my “why” and here is what we came up with. It brought tears to my eyes when we finally zero’d in on it. “I live to push boundaries. I find comfort in the uncomfortable. I seek out the “new.” New situations, new combinations, new challenges, anything that will allow me to step out of my comfort zone and prove to myself that I can do something I have never done before and in so doing, prove to others that they can too.” So, yeah, I guess you could say I love to take risks!

Using this as a cornerstone in our work at the studio has been a game-changer. The only thing you can count on in this world is change so when you get comfortable with the uncomfortable, you are literally bettering your chances to survive in any given scenario, whether it be a high intense callback or chemistry read or walking on to set and getting handed 8 new pages to learn in a matter of minutes.

Moral of the story? Embrace the unknown!

You confidence level will thank you.

~Murisa Harba (Artistic Director of ABOUT THE WORK)