As actors, we have so much at our disposal to work with: we have our body, voice, memories, life experiences, imagination, and breath.

I am so pumped for you to experience what The Chakra Approach® will do for your craft! For me and so many of my students, the results and what I/they had been doing before were like night and day. There is much to explore, but remember, this process is similar to that of a musician’s to mastery. Regardless, I’m excited to reveal it all so you can feel that incredible confidence, too!

Becoming a master of your craft sounds a bit intense. I mean, could you truly achieve that? Yes, you absolutely could! It just takes a lot of focus, dedication, and practice—much like getting a black belt in karate. We have to first start with the steps or notes and go from there. One of my favorite elements to this particular process is the first time you learn to play chords: it will literally blow your mind! Once you learn to play chords, you can then play a melody.

You may be thinking, Gosh, how many emotions exist in the world? How could I possibly figure out how to organize them all into something applicable like a musical scale? Well, we won’t be organizing emotions, but we will be organizing qualities of energy. This will allow many different emotions based on the scenario and circumstances to be categorized within these different qualities of energy, resulting in the recipe for a layered performance. This process will focus your work in such a way where you will be able to build concrete layers of energy until you reach the exact level of performance you are looking for—or by what is necessary for the character you are portraying. And the best part is that this process is repeatable. Yes, you read correctly! We are utilizing the body, which is concrete—which means you can actually touch it. It’s definite because the body is solid.

Don’t worry, I share all the necessary elements to equip you to play the energy scale and master this process in my book Acting With Energy: Creating Brilliance Take After Take, available on Amazon and all major platforms!

~Murisa Harba (Artistic Director of ABOUT THE WORK)