Prepare to be seen like you’ve never been seen before!

At About The Work, we do a very different approach that puts YOU in the driver’s seat. Our Authentic Branding process digs into what you actually want for your career and how you can most authentically represent yourself in the marketplace.
You’ll work one-on-one with our ATW Instructors to dive DEEP into your psychological branding on all fronts. We go at this from a few different angles to ensure we keep getting the same result, and it is utterly fascinating to see the whole process unfold.
Your career and your reps will thank you! We will be creating a Branding Matrix, as well as Branding Boards, so you can show up to your next headshot session like a boss! We will also review past headshots, reels, website, IMDB, actors access & casting websites to ensure full strategic cohesion in your acting career!


We begin with the Branding Consultation (20 min, $10) where we meet on Zoom and discuss exactly what is currently happening for you in your career based on your materials. From there, we will discuss your goals and come up with a game plan for you to achieve the vision that you have for your career.