Author Murisa Harba

Do you want to uncover your true potential as an actor? To take away the guesswork of performing and instead execute a performance that delivers every single time? Well, now you can.

Much like learning the notes on an instrument, once you master the energy scale, you can begin to play emotional chords in a way that is so visceral and communicative to an audience, they will connect with your performance every time. This method when truly tapped into will evoke certain physiological and emotional reactions in the bodies of your audience without their being aware of what is happening. If you commit to your craft this deeply, the level of specificity and authenticity in your performance will be brought to new heights. And the best part? This is not the end result. After all, who cares if you can only do it once? No; I want you to be able to do it take after take. My goal for you is complete confidence and for every audience member to hang onto your every word.

This process is reserved for the relentlessly curious; the determined hard-worker; the risk-taking creator; the devout experimenter; the one who is in love with how the human race ticks, and dedicates their lives to sharing this passion with others. This goes deep.

If you know you have more to offer, then this is for you, and we welcome you with open arms. It can be scary and frightening to go this deep, but the rewards greatly outweigh the risks. If you want your performances to change someone’s life, this is the path for you to take.

Let’s get to work.