Want in on our SECRET weapon to nailing every performance?

The Chakra Approach®

Founded by Murisa Harba

“Murisa’s unique and innovative approach to character growth and development is stellar. She has an awesome way of giving you the motivation and the confidence to explore all depths of creativity through extensive use of Chakra work.”

— Erica P.

  • Learn to emote from each chakra on voice, movement, text and gesture

  • Create and fully embody the human experience while connecting with your audience

  • Build a character with nuance and a performance with staying power

  • Layer your chakras to strike a chord of emotions

  • Hone your control and specificity over your emotional capacity, leading to Oscar Worthy Moments.

Murisa Harba founded The Chakra Approach® as a way to unite the mind, body and human spirit in a repeatable fashion for the actor to use as a way to get out of their head and immediately into their body.

Watch this video of Artistic Director Murisa Harba breaking down the importance of treating your body as your instrument so that you can push to that deeper emotional truth and have your work transcend to the next level.

Artistic Director Murisa Harba is a  Backstage Expert.  Click  here  to read her latest article on Chakra acting techniques.

Artistic Director Murisa Harba is a Backstage Expert. Click here to read her latest article on Chakra acting techniques.


Ready to think differently and change the game? Fill out the form below to reserve your WORKING AUDIT! We are invested in each of our student’s personal growth therefore, ALL of our audits work in class. You will receive scene work and the ability to see what it is truly like to be a student of the studio. Excited to see your work!

I started at About the Work Actors Studio with a working Audit, where I thought I would just be watching the class.... but no I was welcomed straight in to be a part of the unique Chakra warm up which Murisa leads (which this alone was a new skill I learned on the first day), followed by scene, and script work. I love going to a coach that I take class with as they already know my quirks, vulnerabilities etc, which Murisa is great at pin pointing and coaching you to push past those boundaries and challenge yourself. If you want a place to exercise, play, learn, and be challenged this is the Studio to go to!!
— Hayley C.
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“I highly recommend any emerging actor and also any established actor to attend one of Murisa’s classes, such a wonderful and soulful experience.”
— Heather R.