ABOUT THE WORK  is an actors studio tailored to the actor who takes their acting craft seriously. Led by Murisa Harba, students meet once a week at our beautiful newly renovated studio to work on their craft.  All acting classes are individually based on your specific needs and goals. We believe it is important to create and maintain an environment that is supportive and safe.  As artists, we need to feel comfortable to stretch ourselves out of our comfort zones to do our best work on an ongoing basis..always stretching, always learning..

Learn from recognized  BACKSTAGE EXPERT  Murisa Harba. Read her most recent  Backstage  article  HERE .

Learn from recognized BACKSTAGE EXPERT Murisa Harba. Read her most recent Backstage article HERE.

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Artistic Director Murisa Harba



Every acting class starts with a full vocal and physical warmup so that we can approach the material from a place of openness.  Finding that neutral place and releasing unwanted tension is a necessary task before diving into the material. We explore every part of attacking a scene -- as a cold read, having it for some time to make choices (audition style), getting in to the nitty gritty of it (conservatory style) and then performance in costume ready to be filmed. Classes are limited to 16 students and every student works in every acting class.

“I walk out of every session with a cathartic feeling and confidence to walk into any table read, audition and first day on set.  At About The Work you do not attend a class you are coached and mentored. Before any big audition I visit About The Work to give me the confidence and understanding of the role I am reading for. After the commitment and time I have put in with Murisa during our private coaching sessions I have noticed an increase in call backs and bookings.”



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