"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

Artistic Director Murisa Harba coaching a private with French Actress Auregan.

All my audits participate in class -- I feel it is important to try on the environment in its entirety before you deem it a fit. I am excited to start this journey with you.

Murisa Harba / Artistic Director

“Murisa has the laser focus to address and deepen one’s growth at each moment and I learn and further my craft at every session. The joy I feel after each session comes from Murisa’s pursuit of each student’s best work. Fostering craft and bring forth an excellence is what this studio is all about.”
— Mark W.

ABOUT THE WORK has been challenging artists to think outside of the box and leave no stone unturned in the way of story telling since 2013.

Our dedicated team is absolutely committed to inspiring each student to explore and question the curious nature of the human condition, to get outside of their comfort zones and create new ways of challenging the status quo while uncovering new ground. We are passionate about protecting our creative sanctuary so our students can not only devour ongoing challenges but also to truly see their peers while being seen by them, a true collaboration, with all involved in the pursuit of excellence, seeking true freedom within the craft of acting.


Our secret sauce! What if you could play your body like an instrument? What if you could master that instrument and perform at the expert level? Our actors excel by learning how to emote specifically from each chakra and then graduating to the layering process which demands that you not only have control, but specificity over your emotional capacity, leading to Oscar worthy moments.


When a director holds an audition, they are asking a question. Can anyone fulfill what I need? Using an eagle eye perspective of the story puts you in touch with what the creative team is really looking for. Our actors learn how to think differently before diving into a characters’ perspective. How can you be the answer if you don’t know the question?


Every acting class starts with a full vocal and physical warmup so that we can approach the material from a place of openness.  Finding that neutral place and releasing unwanted tension is a necessary task before diving into the material. We explore every part of attacking a scene -- as a cold read, having it for some time to make choices (audition style), getting in to the nitty gritty of it (conservatory style) and then performance in costume ready to be filmed. Classes are limited to 16 students and every student works in every acting class.

At About The Work, all acting classes are individually based on your specific needs and goals. By providing the space to feel comfortable to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone, we help you create your best work on a consistent basis.

“About the Work Acting Studio is a hidden gem that will not stay hidden for long.”
— Carlan H.
“Hands down - the best damn acting school in Los Angeles.”
— Erica P.

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About the Work: An Actors studio featuring acting lessons, acting classes and private audition coaching in East Hollywood / Los Feliz. It's About The Work.