Process + Freedom Track (Scene Study/Cold Read - Murisa & Cat)

Student focus on incorporating the Macro Method & The Chakra Approach in their scene work, while being mentored and coached to that next level. *All beginners start here.

Wednesdays 7-10p

Process + Freedom Professional (Scene Study/Cold Read - Murisa)

Using the Macro Method & The Chakra Approach, students dive in and take risks in their scene work while honing their organic process and mastering the technical skill of emotional layering through the chakras. *For advanced actors only

Mondays 2-5pm and Tuesdays 2-5pm

Technical Professional TRack (on camera - Murisa)

Capture your new Oscar worthy craft on-camera both audition-style AND on a practical set complete with director & script supervisor! Hone your audition skills & your "on set" performance skills in relation to the camera frame & time frame. Bring your on camera game to the next level as a true emotional technician. *Class offered both days, students join either the Monday OR Tuesday class.

“Whether it’s her detailed eye, exceptional knowledge of craft or her utter joy of collaborating, she has made me a more relaxed, specific and competent performer.”
— Matt V.
“I have become very comfortable on camera in Murisa’s class, learning how to hone in on my training and portray it for the camera.”
— Ron S.
Our stunning new fully equipped studio with zen courtyard out back!

Our stunning new fully equipped studio with zen courtyard out back!


“The technical skills developed w/n the workshop have taken my talents to the next level.”
— Carlan H.
“In the LA world of classes and workshops and seminars designed to help you audition better, or look good on camera, or handle copy, an actor can get frustrated trying to find a class where they can really work on their sh*t. Like, really work on it. About the Work and Murisa fill that gap. Murisa provides an affordable, laid back environment where an actor can stretch and grow and be pushed well beyond what they find safe - in a good way! If you have a technique, she allows you the freedom to practice your technique while keeping you on track and pushing your further. If you are new and you don’t have one, she guides you to one. The end result? You’re a better actor. And you’ve had an awesome, fun, scary, exciting time to get there.” – Alyssa