Artistic Director Murisa Harba

                                Artistic Director Murisa Harba


Murisa Harba - Owner (Monday 2-5p, Tuesday 3-6p, Wednesday 7-10p)

"I live to push boundaries. I find comfort in the uncomfortable. I seek out the "new." New situations, new combinations, new challenges, anything that will allow me to step out of my comfort zone and prove to myself that I can do something I have never done before and in so doing, prove to others that they can too."                -- Murisa Harba

For quite some time, Murisa yearned for that conservatory atmosphere that provides a safe work place for the actor, with constant encouragement to reach outside of one's comfort zone and continues to challenge the artist, always resetting the bar. That is how ABOUT THE WORK came to be. 


Murisa Harba received her BFA in Theatre Studies from Boston University's College of Fine Arts with a minor in dance. With countless years of vocal and dance training in addition to her theatre degree, she moved to Manhattan where she performed and toured in shows such as Sweet Charity, Amadeus, The Rivals and ABC's 'Dancing with the Stars' Roadtrip. She also directed, co-created, produced, choreographed and acted in an original play, WHITE RABBIT, which premiered at the Huntington Theatre in Boston and completed a successful 4 week run at the Bailiwick Theatre in Chicago. 

Since moving to Los Angeles in 2008, Murisa has found success acting in projects such as the new Jamie Kennedy film Lost and Found in Armenia, which just premiered in November of 2012.  Murisa had the pleasure of starring as the lead in Singer/Songwriter Kyle Puccia's 'Broken People' Music Video as well as the film Carefully Descending and new animated project Last Days: Ante Diem.  During 2013-2014, Murisa directed a six episode spy series called Skiddle And Bang It and a dramatic short film called Gruyeres, both of which are currently hitting the festival circuit.  In late 2014, she joined the cast of new feature film Deadly Crush, a new supernatural thriller, as Sophia Ivy, due out in 2016.  Murisa's latest project, a new experimental short film in which she directed, acted and danced in, Dansare, is currently in post production. In 2015-2016, Murisa became an Episodes director (Episode 6, 10 & 11) on new dramatic web series, F#@K I Love U, in which she also stars opposite Lucky Mor. Her directorial debut on the show won BEST ACTING ENSEMBLE at ITV Fest in September of 2015. On the horizon, Murisa has 2 shorts in pre-production and continues to direct episodes on F#@K I LOVE U.

  Murisa taught acting at the Will Wallace Acting Company in Hollywood from 2011-2012 and has been a proud member of the Screen Actors Guild since 2008. She continues to teach Cold Reading, Comedy and Drama classes at the SAG-AFTRA Conservatory at the American Film Institute, which she has enjoyed doing since the fall of 2011. She is also on the SAG-AFTRA LA Conservatory Committee and co-chairs the On-Camera: Scene Video Workshop.

Image Credits: by Matt Beurois

Melissa Center - Instructor (Wednesdays 11-2p)

Melissa graduated Summa Cum Laude from Northwestern University with a Major in Theatre, Communication Studies, a Minor in Spanish and Certificate in Musical Theatre. Her career began in New York City where she toured with A Chorus Line, originated a 1-woman stage adaptation of Lois Lowry’s The Giver (dir. Wynn Handman), and created/starred in web series Missed Connections Live, one of the first series to be officially recognized by the WGAe. Upon relocated to Los Angeles she made her TV Debut on NBC’s Grimm, followed by a recurring role as Ashley Glazier on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. She most recently appeared on the final season of Masters of Sex and can be seen climbing a stair master backwards on a Samsung Galaxy national commercial.  Her feature film All I Want, which she co-wrote, produced and stars in, hits the 2017-2018 festival circuit .